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Submitted on
July 16, 2007


My writer and co-creator, T Campbell, and I got some rather sucky news last week.

I hand it over to T:
Turns out Divalicious Volume 2 will be the last volume. Naturally Amy
and I are disappointed, but we will get the chance to revise, retool
and expand Volume 2 so that it represents a proper conclusion. And I
imagine this won't be the last time we work together.

Tokyopop has decided at this time for fiscal reasons to not continue Diva. The reasons have nothing to do with T or myself and there is nothing wrong with Divalicious! itself.
All the more reason why this is such a crushing disappointment, as I believe Diva is a great comic with great characters and could be fantastically successful if only more people knew about it. We had mostly great reviews, but what we really need is for the fanbase to raise their voices(and wallets)!

This is where we need all your help.
If you haven't done so already, I would beseech you to check out Divalicious! at your local Borders/Tokyopop outlet and buy a copy. If we can only get the sales figures to boost even a little, Divalicious! may get a reprieve and Tina's stories can still be told. There are many of them. Funny ones.

After all, JK Rowling was well into 'Prisoner of Azkaban' before Potter fame really took off. All Tina asks is a chance to entertain you all.
If you HAVE read or bought Divalicious and enjoyed it, then please take a moment to pop on over to and let them know: </>

Tina WILL be in attendance at San Diego Con!

This con special, containing material NOT in the book, will be a free gift for anyone buying a copy of the book. You'll also get a Divalicious! badge and a free postcard for Tina's new album 'Chained'. All in a neat little hand-lettered bag, so they won't get lost in the shuffle of all your other con loot.

If you're gonna be there, stop on by the Tokyopop booth and say hi, I'd love to meet you all! I'll be taking part in 3 panels over the course of the con:
Drawing for Manga - Friday, July 27, 12:30-1:30pm
Fashion and Manga - Friday, July 27, 2-3pm
Creator signing - Sunday, July 29th, 11am-midday

Although these are my 'official' duties, it's a pretty safe bet I'll be hanging around the TP booth with T most of the time anyway.

After all, we have a young lady who just wants to bring joy to the world with her music to save.


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KuroshioKaze Feb 24, 2008   Photographer
thats absolutely awful, thats one of my biggest fears, that and rejection, which is even bigger than that, and its crippling me, and preventing me from entering that contest :(
dude, that totally reeks man! :( I haven't even gotten a copy signed by you yet! :O d'oh!
Aw, I doubt it'll be the last Tokyopop gravytrain we'll both end up on, so we can book-swaps next time ;)

They ain't getting rid of me THAT easily.
Wow, that stinks. Sorry to hear that. :(

Aaagh, why didn't I wait to buy my copy of Volume 1? I want con swag but don't know what I'd do with two copies...hmmm...*plots* Hope I can make it to the creator signing, in any case!
What a total bummer! I loved the first one and will be grabbing a copy of Volume 2 at the first opportunity. I just dropped TokyoPop a line expressing my love of the comic and my hope that they'll pull it back off the slush pile. Best of luck to you and Tina both!
argh, Im SO mad I had to bail on comic con this year~ I got invited to share a table, but they tickets are just to high this time of year. I will be at the con (with a table I hope) next year for sure though! I hope I can meet you then my dear!

Have a good time and best of luck with your panels :heart:
I will be sure to grab a copy of your book soon!
Thanks Kika, hopefully I'll still be around next year to ride on a publisher's gravytrain ;)
haha Im sure you will! If not TP, someone else for sure ;) :heart:
Aw now I wish I could have gone to the Cali comic con or that all the awesome stuff was actually at the new york one. Hope you have fun there and good luck promoting your work. ^.^
By the way it also sucks that it is going to be the last issue. I am a big fan of the book. I hope you guys get together to do something else, I'm sure it will be wonderful ^.^
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