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Are you going to D23 Expo in Anaheim in August?
James Silvani & I will be exhibiting with books and all-new official Disney prints for sale.
If you would like to get in your commission request now, please contact either of us for details and we'll see what we can arrange!

Please note that due to our Acme commitments as Disney fine artists, there are some subjects we can no longer take commissions for. If interested, please email us with your idea and we'll take it from there!
*I'll just say upfront, I will not be taking any commissions for custom Pocket Princesses. Sorry, big boss rules.

Feel free to browse our respective Tumblr accounts for ideas (linked in our names above). Your idea does not have to be Disney, either! There's pretty much nothing we won't draw as long as it's PG-rated and isn't your children or pets ;)

Me: amymebberson at gmail
James: silvaniart at gmail
C2E2 commissions are now closed.
Last con of the year and it's a biggie!
New York Comic Con is 2 weeks away and James Silvani & I are now open for pre-commissions!
We'll also have new sketchbooks and a new print on sale and of course taking commission sketches all weekend long.
Table C16!

So yeah, if you'd like to get a commission in advance and pick up up at the con, now's the time!
Because of limited time, we're only taking requests for colour work right now because we don't do colour stuff at the con. (or very limited colour, anyway).

Full details on pricing is here

Once again, this is only for NYCC attendees (or if you're not going, you have a friend going who can collect it for you). We are not taking any general mailing commissions at this time.

if you'd like to get something from either or both of us, please email us at amymebberson or silvaniart at gmail dot com
So even though I rarely check in here any more, I noticed that Pocket Princess love has drifted over here even though I don't post them here.

Biggest question I get here, on Tumblr and Facebook is can people buy prints/tees etc.

Answer is simple: Big fat No.
Reason is also simple: NOT MY CHARACTERS. It would be clear breach of Disney's copyright to sell ANYTHING PP-related. I work for Disney in various capacities as an artist, I have a good relationship with them and I'm a devoted fan of the company and its works.
Only Disney and their official licensees have the right to profit from their characters and I respect their rights under the law.

So if you see PP sold ANYWHERE on prints/tees/Etsy trinkets, they are ILLEGAL and bootlegged without my permission.

Sorry folks, but that's just basic common sense. Not my characters to profit from, so PP remains free jpeg-y entertainment ONLY.
Please don't bother trying to argue with me in comments about it. Copyright law is iron-clad and Disney are particularly protective of their IP.

In other news, yes, Pocket Princesses has a Facebook page, so if you're of the Liking persuasion, you can check out all of Pocket Princesses in one place straight from the source.…
So first up, my pre-commission list for San Diego Comicon is now closed! Thank you for all your requests, keep an eye on my Tumblr page to see them slowly come online in the weeks ahead.

But the big news is that James and I will be in TWO locations this year. I will be spending most of the con at the booth of our publisher, APE comics (1804) , promoting Strawberry Shortcake and taking commissions all through the con.
James will be manning our Artist Alley table DD11, selling our books and prints and he'll also be taking commissions all through the con.
We'll attempt a bit of tag-team table swapping on occasion and we'll have further announcements on various signings at other spots around the con. Please follow our twitter feeds to stay on top of all our comicon news!

We will have a new print each for Comicon, both of which we're keeping secret for now but which you'll all hopefully find awesome when we unveil them.

Once again, our comicon locations:
APE Entertainment booth 1804
Artist Alley table DD11
Let the mayhem begin! James Silvani & I will be exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks time so it's time for Precommissions! If you'd like to get a piece of original art from other of us, we HIGHLY recommend you order it in advance and then collect it from us at the con. It ensures you get your art because chances are our lists will fill VERY quickly on the days of the con. It also ensures COLOUR work at a level of detail con floor commissions don't often allow.

PLEASE note that this is ONLY for people attending comicon or who have someone attending who can collect art on their behalf. We are not taking any general or mailing commissions at this time.

My prices go as follows for a single figure:

Fun Sizes: Greyscale on coloured card $25, full colour on white w'colour paper $40

9x12 Strathmore paper: greyscale $40, Full colour $60 and up (depending on the level of detail of the character)

I can do 2 figures on 9x12, but please email me for the price. Unfortunately, time does not permit larger group pictures.

I don't do nudity or adult material. My pinup girls are always PG-rated ;)

If you're interested, please email me at amymebberson at gmail dot com.
James Silvani's precommission details and prices can be found here

Any questions on a specific idea you might have, I am happy to answer in emails.
It's been 6 years since Disney Animation Australia closed its doors and I was released into the wild of Freelance Artistry.
Finally, I'm back with the company again! :)
(yeah, all the muppet/disney comics & books I've done were with a licensee, so it kiiiiinda sorta doesn't count ;))

This Saturday marks my debut as a Disney Parks artist! The Disney Wonderground Gallery has its grand opening this Saturday at Downtown Disney Anaheim and I'm on the roster of artists.
I have a big Merida piece in the show (the pic on the website is TINY, but it's much cooler and bigger in real life) and a Mickey piece and a special custom Vinylmation.

Check out the events and signings and see some of our art here:…

I'll be there from 11-1pm signing things and meeting people, so if you're in the area, drop in and see some all-new original Disney art and merchandise!

The gallery opens at 8am, but people who wish to see the Vinylmation release need wristbands which will be handed out from 7am. So get in early!

Are you going to Heroescon in Charlotte June 22-24?
James Silvani & I are now open for pre-commissions!

We're still finalising our details for San Diego Comic Con, so pre-comms are not yet open for that one. We'll let everyone know when that's ready to tackle. For now, Heroescon only.

Check out my Tumblr post   here for all the details and pricing. If you are lazy:

9x12 single characters in grey Copic starting at $40-50 and my colour work starts at $70 for one character on 9x12.

Multiple characters will of course cost more, so all ya gotta do is email with your idea and we'll take it from there. Huge group pics, however, I may have to decline for sheer time reasons.

Fun Sizes are of course available for $25 per piece (one character max, it's not a huge canvas!)

If you'd like to pre-order something, please email either of us with your ideas
( or

Please don't send personal message here on Devart, because I rarely check them and you might be missed. Email only! :)
Hey peoples!

Well, THAT was a crazy month! Thank you everyone who came by at Wondercon, Emerald City and C2E2 to say hi and buy some prints and arts!

James and my next convention will be Heroescon in Charlotte on Jun 22-24 and then (HOPEFULLY) San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately, we're still waiting confirmation on a table, but everyone who asks us if we'll be there, we're very grateful and promise we're doing our utmost to make it happen.

We will also be exhibiting at Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles Sep 15-16, which is very exciting after a very promising inaugural year last year.

In other big news, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts announced this week the opening of a new art gallery in Downtown Disney in Anaheim: Disney Wonderground.
I am thrilled and honoured to be part of the starting roster of artists, which also include the awesome :iconmontygog:and :icondarren72: We have some amazing art we can't wait to show everyone starring new twists on favourite Disney characters, so stay tuned for that one as Disney releases more information and artwork in the weeks ahead.

Lastly, I am doing some spring-cleaning and reopened my Etsy store with a small selection of Fun Sizes that need a home. It's my hope to FINALLY get a Fun Size book together in time for the next cons, so I can afford to sell more original Fun Sizes online where more people get a chance to own one!
Please note that commissions remain closed and I do not take personal requests for the Etsy items. They just appear as I have them.
So, time for an update.

James and I will be at Emerald City Comic COn next weekend in Seattle!
Look for us at Artist Alley table P15, right next to Disney Duck comics legend Don Rosa, so it's OBVIOUS where to come if you love your classic Disney!

We will also be at C2E2 on April 13-15 in Chicago at McCormick Place, in Artist Alley table F2.

We will be taking commissions all weekend long at both events and will have trades and some favourite prints to sell - Dangerous and Muppet Who, in particular!

And now, the slightly bad news - due to overwhelming work committments, James and I are unable to offer pre-commissions for either of these cons. If you're coming to the con, you can of course come to us and ask for a piece directly, but unfortunately we cannot offer colour work or the more elaborate group pieces we have time to manage in pre-commissions. We apologise for this, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to take on commission work and still finish our work deadlines.

See you all there!!

Welp, it's T-minus 2 weeks to Wondercon, California's first big con of the year! This year is markedly different from past Wondercons because it will be in Anaheim instead of San Francisco. Con site here with all info!

As always, Silvani & I will be there, in Artist Alley at tables AA156 and AA157!

We are now open for pre-convention commissions if you want to get your shiny piece of art early! If it's a busy con (and there's every chance it will be), getting your commission early can ensure you won't miss out!

This is NOT a general commission call, it is only for people attending Wondercon in Anaheim. I will open pre-commissions for Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2 at a later date. One con at a time! ;)

My price list:

*FUN SIZE (sample) (4.25x5.5", greyscale): $30

*COLOUR FUN SIZE (sample) (6.5x4.5", watercolour or markers): $40

(note that at the actual con, the ONLY colour commissions I'll be doing are these fun sized pieces. So if you want a larger colour piece, pre-commission is the only way you'll get it)

*9x12 greyscale (sample) - starts at $50 for one figure, can go up depending on complexity or props. Maximum of 3 figures per picture.

*9x12 colour (sample) - starts at $70 for one figure, again will go up if complex or with multiple characters.

I can also produce commissions at 5x7 size in both grey and colour at $40 and $50 respectively.

Have a trawl through my tumblr and you'll get a good idea of the sort of commission sketches James and I do and get some ideas!! If it sounds like a crazy mashup, try us. Please note that we do not do adult material apart from PG-level cheescake. I also reserve the right to refuse a commission if it personally squicks me out ;)

INTERESTED? Email me at amymebberson at gmail dot com

or James: james at silvaniart dot com

First convention appearance of the year from beautiful Anaheim!

James and I will be at Disneyana Fan Club's All Disney Show and Sale in Garden Grove, CA on January 15.

Just down the road from Anaheim, we'll be selling commission sketches and some very limited supplies of Disney prints and books.

So come by and say hi and immerse yourself in a day of all things Disney.

We are open now for pre-commissions for this show. So if you're gonna be at Disneyana and want to pre-order an original piece of art, please drop either of us a line at or

Our next convention appearances after that will be Wondercon (Anaheim), Emerald City Con (Seattle) and C2E2(Chicago)
Pre-commissions for these three cons are not yet open, but we will announce it on our twitter feeds and on here when we are open for them.
That time of year again.

James 'Chuckles' Silvani and I are heading for New York.
We will be in Artist Alley table L4, selling sketchbooks and a BIG sale on all our leftover prints.
As always, we'll be taking commissions all weekend, so stop on by!

I will also have a VERY limited number of the Muppet Doctor Who print available for $10 each.
For the record because a lot of people ask, I DON'T sell any of my prints online, so I'm afraid it can't be ordered and shipped.
Con only.

The usual routine - if you're going to NYCC or have a friend who's going and you'd like to get an original piece of art from either of us, please email (amymebberson or silvaniart at gmail dot com) and we can discuss pricing and size and so forth.
If you have a devart account, you can also send your request in a direct message.

Ballpark prices:

Fun Sizes (greyscale on coloured card) - $20 each

Greyscale markers: 5x7 - $30
                                9x12 - $40 per single figure, no bg. Multiple figures are priced on request

Full colour (which is only for pre-commissions): 5x7 - $40
                                                                            9x12 - $60 per single figure, no bg.

Of course, anything additionally elaborate like crazy costuming, big props or backgrounds will increase the price. Any questions, please email and ask!
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Commission pre-orders are now closed for both of us
Thank you for your enquiries. We are still open to commissions on the Expo floor on the actual day if you care to stop by and say hi!
Our table is C335.

This will be the third time I've typed this out, so I'll keep it quick.

Silvani, Allen Gladfelter and I will be exhibiting at D23 Expo in Anaheim August 19-21.
We'll be doing our usual con thing of drawing commission sketches all weekend and selling our books.
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Time for the big one, folks.

James Silvani and yours truly will be at San Diego Comic Con in our very first Artist Alley!
Table HH20 is the place to be, where we'll have original sketches and con-exclusive prints for sale as well as taking commission requests all weekend.

We'll be making appearances at the booths of APE, IDW and Boom! signing our various comic titles, but I'll be back with details of those later as times are finalised.

So at T-minus 3.5 weeks, it's time to open up for convention commission pre-orders!

If you are going to Comic Con and would like to get a commission in advance from either James or myself, please drop us a line and we'll talk!
All commissions will be all hand-drawn/coloured on Bristol board, so no digital or Photoshop-colour requests please.
Note again, this commission call is only open to people attending SDCC next month.
However, if you're not going but have a friend who is, they can certainly come and collect a piece on your behalf.

My ballpark prices:
8x10 - greyscale starts at $50 for one character
           full colour starts at $100 for one character

5x7 - (single characters only, due to the smaller size)
$30 greyscale
$60-70 for full colour (depending on detail)

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After many years, I have decided to start scaling back my activities on Devart.
I haven't posted nearly as much fanart here as I used to since I started doing Disney comics for a living anyway. Long-time watches will have noticed the drop-off in new material in the last year or so.

I have decided that any new art I have will be posted to my Tumblr account instead:

If you have a Tumblr or Twitter feed, you'll be able to follow posts to both my blogs and my tumblr feed all in one place.
My twitter name: amymebberson

My devart account will stay open, so noone will need to hoard art and your faves will be safe.

James and I will be at Heroescon first weekend of June in Artist Alley. We'll both have a brand new con-only print available as well as some old favourites. We'll both be taking commission sketches all weekend and I'll have Fun Sizes aplenty for sale, so please drop round and say hi!
If you'd like to schedule a commission in advance, please email us:

Please note this offer is for Heroescon attendees only, for pickup at the con. Due to our comic committments, we are not open to general commissions.
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March Madness for some of us means the start of Con Season!

Had an awesome time at Emerald City Comic Con, now it's time for the Windy City!

I will be at C2E2 with some guy who draws some comic about ducks at Artist Alley table B5.

We'll have prints (James will have an all-new one JUST for this con which is 200 proof awesome), I will have Fun Sizes for sale as well as taking commissions for them. Both of us will be doing commission sketches throughout the con and between the two of us, we can draw ANYTHING, so have your mashups ready!

We'll also have original comic pages for sale for the very first time!

And buttons. ALWAYS gotta have buttons.

So come on by and say hi and pick up some awesome art!

Twitter feeds:
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I will be at Emerald City Con in my first Artist Alley of the year. Cars artist Allen Gladfelter and DWD artist James Silvani and I will have all sorts of goodies for sale - comic pages, buttons, books and I'll be selling my Fun Size pieces for the first time!
So come by table M12 and check 'em out!

Next up, James and I will be at C2E2 in Chicago March 16-18.
So if you're there, come by table M12 for more sketchcard and Fun Size goodness!
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14 Feb: Commissions are now closed.

Usual Guidelines, here they are!

No porn, furry, mecha or kinks - PG rated requests only.
Figures only - backgrounds will be a solid colour or white, depending on media

Prices will vary enormously depending on media, character detail and size of the picture.
I am happy to do group pictures, but let's keep it to a max of 3-4 characters per pic just to keep the line moving. Bear in mind that multiple characters will also increase the price.

As a general price guide(depending on size, number of characters and details):

* Pencil only - $20-50
* Fun Size sketch cards - $20-50
* Monochrome markers - $40-80
* Digital colour - $50+
* 'Flat retro' style - $50-80
(it looks simple, but is more labour-intensive than you might think!)

Obviously there are variations on the above(I use a LOT of different styles, as my gallery attests) which I am happy to discuss in more detail if you email me with your idea.

If interested, please EMAIL ME / Give me a nice succinct description of what you'd like. If you have a reference photo or picture, include a link.
Payment is by paypal only and PLEASE don't request a spot unless you are ready to pay promptly. Again, don't ask for a spot if you can't pay until next month. Not cool.
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EDIT: Commissions closed again now. gotta move onto other work!
Thank you to everyone who got adorable little pics. As they get completed they'll be posted to Fun Size so stay tuned and everyone will get to see them. There are some very cool ones :)

Hello again!

So as you might know, I have a new blog dedicated to completely hand-drawn chibis of all fandoms (well, the ones I like anyway) called Fun Size.

I post all updates on my Twitter feed, but good ol' Deviantart gets to hear it first.

I'm opening up to commissions for custom Fun Size pics.
So if you like what you see on Fun Size and would like one for your very ownsome, here's how to get one:

1)email me at
Posting comments to this journal entry or anywhere else on my devart page don't count. email only.

2)Tell me what you'd like. If it's an OC or a fandom not easily found on Google image search, give me a description or better, a link to a picture (PLEASE don't email me an entire photo album in attachments!)

Each chibi picture is 4.25x5.5" and costs $20 each. If you'd like multiple characters in the one picture (3 max), then the price is $30.
There is an additional $3 for postage and handling to send you the original piece when it's done.

If you'd like more than one, only one shipping charge will apply.
Payment is by paypal only, sorry. No cheques or cash.

*This commission offer is for hand-done chibi pics only as featured in Fun Size. This is not for Photoshop colour pieces or other commission work as seen in my gallery. I will post a separate post if I open up to commissions of this type.
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