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January 16, 2007
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omg DOCTORZ by mimi-na omg DOCTORZ by mimi-na
Well, people asked. I deliver. All ten doctors.

Except they're NOT SD - I figure I'd use this to practise my caricaturing a bit more.
The hardest ones to draw? Baker and Davison, definitely.

All pencil-rendered (including the backdrops) and tinted in Photoshop.

(and I just KNOW that any Who fans here under 25 are just scrolling RIGHT along to 9 and 10, aren't you?)
Edit: Okay, I stand corrected, there are plenty of younger Who-fans out there. Good for you! This was my rationale for doing all ten in one picture:
husband: Why don't you post them all individually?
me: Because then the Eccleston and Tennant ones would get all the faves and guys like Hartnell and Baker2 would get neglected. If young Whofans want their Tennant goodness, they've gotta take all his previous regenerations along with him!
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Mickey-Postmortem Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm thirteen and I love Patrick. Troughton... but I still started with One because that's only fair. 
HeLlNoPe6 Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist
I am under 25 and I started with  the fourth ... Amazing artwork!!!! I love all of them

"The hardest ones to draw? Baker and Davison, definitely."

Which baker? Tom Baker or Colin Baker?

Amazing-person-yes Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope. I'm under 25, I went straiht to two and then went along :)
I'm 15, and I scrolled right Six. :D Funilly enough, I start at Six (My favourite) and scroll left and then go back to Six and scroll right, so Nine and Ten are the last ones I look at. I like doing the opposite of what people expect :)
This is brilliant! As are all your Dr. Who works!

I'm a late blooWhomer, so I started with the 11th being my draw to watch more Dr. Who. I just flipped out for Matt and Karen.

I had previously seen some of 9th - didn't care for him, much or Billie Piper - and saw a bit WAY earlier, some Tom Baker - catching the middle of one episode and I was too young to understand or comprehend what was going on!

I'm ever so slightly disappointed the 11th's Doc's not there - though I did see he is very well portrayed in other deviations of yours.

But in general, I adore your art (envy your talent, too!) and would never hold it against you at all for not yet updating. Or never doing it. LOL Not a hint there... only a very appreciative suggestion. Or not! :)

P.S. - Since running out of NuWho, I've found Troughton to be my next favourite Doc.
All of the Doctors! :D I love 4, 1, and 5 the best (Besides Eleven :meow:)
This is awesome! :love: It's hard to pick a favorite doctor... You have to love the celery though. It's so wonderfully random. :)
Very well done, though I confess I have yet to see any Doctor Who other than #9 and #10. I love the art style though.
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