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September 9, 2008
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TSV 76 - Cover by mimi-na TSV 76 - Cover by mimi-na
Wraparound cover for next issue of TSV.
This was a tradeoff - I was originally going to do a series 4 ep collection like these, but I didn't have the time to swing them. So they were very nice and offered me the cover instead when their original artist had to pull out for family reasons.

Season 4 companion roundup!
Serious!Doctor iz serious.
River, Astrid, Jenny, Sarah Jane, Rose, Mickey, Jack, Donna, Martha, plus Five for the awesome Time Crash(fittingly, this issue will feature an interview with Peter Davison).

NB No, I will not be releasing this in bigger sizes, wallpaper format or without the watermark, so please don't ask.
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ravenclawtimelord Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Love this so much! Love all of it!
rmhill10 Feb 5, 2013  Professional Artist
I'll always all him Captain Jack or just Captain, never Jack. Jack is not enough to describe his epicness. Plus, captains are sexy.
Jack's got that grin like "Yeah, I see you, ladies" XD
awesome! I love Five in the back! :)
This is totally cool! Colored pencil, right? What you've done with it is amazing!
I love love LOVE how you portrayed Jenny! :)
Donna reminds me here Laura Roslin from BSG lol!
Sonikku0691 Sep 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely amazing.

Love the faces =3
Little-Miss-Sapristi Nov 12, 2009
First I'd like to say it's a top piece of work, if I could do something like this, I'd be very happy indeed.

Is the linework done in pencil or on the computer? The only piece of constructive feedback I can think of is to do with tone- making the linework a shade darker in places to enhance the characters features and to set things either back or forward if that makes sense. You probably do that anyway- i find that the problem with scanning pencilwork is that it flattens their tones a tad.
The linework is all pencil render.

I totally hear you, though. Pencil linework in any form, no matter how clean and careful, will be screwed up in some way by the scanner.
If toning is pencilled too, as here, then yes, some of the tonal range is lost in adjusting levels and so on. It's something we have to work on while living with what's possible...

I don't do a lot of multi-weight linework, mine has always been rather fine anyway.
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